Our Epic 24 Hour Beach Clean – 24 Hours in 24 Points!

  1. At 2.30pm on Friday the 7th of July, a small team of dedicated beach cleaners started their challenge of completing a 24 hour beach clean.
  1. We were doing this firstly to clear a beach that was heavily polluted by plastic and secondly to help raise money to buy a landing craft boat to help up access and clean even more beaches.  
  1. After driving up in the rain, it cleared as we approached the beach. Thankfully the weather was great for the full 24 hours. 
  1. The location was a beach in the south of Skye, a beach that Scottish Coastal Clean Up had previously visited in April for three days, clearing away 2 large boats load of rubbish. 
  1. We arrived at the beach to find a herd of cattle standing on all the washed in rubbish, many were chewing on rope and plastic. 
cows standing in beach plastic
Arriving to Cows Eating the Plastic
  1. The beach was covered in years worth of tangled fishing rope and nets, it was up to 1 metre deep in places.  
  1. 4 people beach cleaned for the full 24 hours. 
  1. We had 3 extra volunteers visit us for a couple of hours each. 
  1. Sunset was at 10.20pm and Sunrise was at 4.40am 
  1. We only need to used head torches for about 3 hours due to the long daylight hours in Skye at that time of the year. 
beach clean by head torch
Nighttime Cleaning by Head Torch
  1. We celebrated our halfway mark at 2.30 am with mochas and chocolate! 
  1. The temperature never dropped below 15 degrees. 
  1. At about 6am, the tunes came on, along with some enthusiastic singing and dancing.  
  1. About 18 hours in, we took a swim to refresh ourselves…perhaps due to tidiness, we also thought we were mermaids!  
  1. Unfortunately we didn’t find any treasures, just plenty of items that definitely do not belong in the sea.  
three quarters of the way through the beach clean
A huge thank you to Violet for joining us for the 24 hour clean!
  1. Despite taking a camp stove for hot meals, we all ended up just snacking and cooked nothing at all. 
  1. We were mostly fueled by Muesli bars, sweeties, fruit, chocolate and nuts, water…and Brose oat milk! 
  1. We were prepared for midges, but aside from a couple of hours in the middle of the night, we were lucky enough to have a light breeze to prevent them.  
  1. Aside from the cattle, we also spotted a seal, frogs, numerous seabirds and an Eagle. 
  1. At least 90 % of what we picked up was old fishing rope and net. 
plastic and rope netting on the beach
Plastic Rope and Netting on the Beach
  1. A large amount of what we removed had to be cut away or detangled.  
  1. We bagged up and removed over 4 tonnes of rubbish from the beach during our 24 hour beach clean.  
  1. One of our team members was already planning the next ‘extreme beach cleaning’ challenge on the way home! 
  1. We raised £4000 towards our boat. This is an awesome amount, but we still need more. You can donate to our Crowdfunder at: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/sccu 
24 hours and 4 tonnes of plastic later
24 Hours and 4 Tonnes of Plastic Had Been Removed!

Check out our upcoming events page to get involved in future cleans (we promise they won’t be 24 hours!).

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